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Greetings and welcome to the Pegasus Fleet Fleet Recruitment Department. We're very excited to see that you've taken an interest in us and it's our sincere hope to help you in finding the game that will work best for you. Our goal is to help Pegasus Fleet and its players thrive and flourish through ethical and quality recruitment.

Pegasus Fleet offers a wide range of high-quality Star Trek themed collaborative writing communities with a wide variety of unique themes and different posting venues, we're absolutely certain there will be an exciting and thrilling sim waiting just for you.

Below, you'll find several different RPGs listed who are in immediate need of new players. Please, feel free to take a look around the website and don't hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated team should you have any questions, comments and/or concerns.

Once again, welcome to Pegasus Fleet!

Ships Needing CrewOpen Ships

USS Tsunami- 2 Crew
Waiting for Crew

USS Tokyo- 4 Crew
Waiting for Crew

Astraeus Project- 4 Crew
Waiting for Command Academy completion

Starbase Zeta- 5 Crew
Waiting for Crew

USS Highlander- 5 Crew

USS Tachibana- 6 Crew

Discovery- 6 Crew

USS Tomcat- 7 Crew

Recruitment Spotlight

Starbase 47- 10 Crew
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